Learning and achieving together... ...in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas
Learning and achieving together......in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas

Our motto...'learning and achieving together'...our belief

We believe learning together, when created and delivered in a safe and caring environment, provides some of the best opportunities; to not only learn academically, but equally as important, socially. The ability to share, listen, adapt and extend personal ideas are key to a successful, professional and social life. This not only benefits the students involved, but also helps to create an open minded, extensive and appreciative society where individuals are valued for their uniqueness; values which are central to our business philosophy and ethos. We facilitate opportunities where the power of the group multiplies the 

opportunities of the individual.


"Group projects can help students develop a host of skills that are increasingly important in the professional world' (Caruso & Woolley, 2008; Mannix & Neale, 2005). 'Positive group experiences, moreover, have been shown to contribute to student learning, retention and overall college success' (Astin, 1997; Tinto, 1998; National Survey of Student Engagement, 2006).


Properly structured, group projects can reinforce skills that are relevant to both group and individual work, including the ability to: 

  • Break complex tasks into parts and steps.
  • Plan and manage time.
  • Refine understanding through discussion and explanation.
  • Give and receive feedback on performance.
  • Challenge assumptions.
  • Develop stronger communication skills.

Group projects can also help students develop skills specific to collaborative efforts, allowing students to...

  • Tackle more complex problems than they could on their own.
  • Delegate roles and responsibilities.
  • Share diverse perspectives.
  • Pool knowledge and skills.
  • Hold one another (and be held) accountable.
  • Receive social support and encouragement to take risks.
  • Develop new approaches to resolving differences. 
  • Establish a shared identity with other group members.
  • Find effective peers to emulate.
  • Develop their own voice and perspectives in relation to peers."


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