Learning and achieving together... ...in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas
Learning and achieving together......in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas

Writing; an orchestra of words, sentences and imagination.

Telling a story is a magical, creative and uplifting experience of being moved to special places that have not been visited or seen before. However writing, like musical notes on a script, requires precision, order and relevance to have the maximum affect upon a reader.


The weaving and integration of many varied instruments into a musical score adds depth and resonance to a tune; likewise, the use of different writing techniques and use of language strengthens and deepens a piece of writing, turning it from a metaphorical whistled tune to an orchestral masterpiece.


Let's not forget the greatest musical scores must spring from an initial idea, a creative spark, or a first note on a keyboard. Likewise, great writing starts with the flush of an idea, developed and grown through our own experiences and shared thoughts of others.


Sticking with the analogy of music, writing appeals to many different audiences; whether it's pop music, jazz or classical, there are artists and musicians to cater for you.


At Integral-Tutoring, we pride ourselves on providing the right skills, musical instruments and style to turn our children's first whistles into music which fits their chosen audience. Our tuition harnesses the interests of our children and creatively develops their world into a written experience that can be shared with you. At the same time we recognise the importance of structure to maximise the impact of your child's imagination; spelling, grammar and punctuation are essential components for an individual to successfully express their creative inner potential.


Our tuition has been developed through many hours of teaching and engaging children in the skills and knowledge of writing. We excel at creating a belief in all children, regardless of ability and age, that they have a story worth telling, and that they have the potential to share it successfully with others.

Your child's writing will develop...


Ways to tap into their imagination and unlock those thoughts into written words.


Be introduced to new, innovative and exciting ways to extend their first ideas into greater detail.


Learn how to discuss their ideas and change and improve them through discussion and reflection.


Believe that they have creative merit, and have a fantastic opportunity to excite others with their ideas.

Purposeful structure

Understanding of the needs of their reader, whether they are looking to be entertained in a story, or be told something they wish to know.


Plan writing beforehand, so that when the final writing begins, your child knows how and why they are writing.


Use paragraphs clearly, and understand how their reader understands the meaning of what is written.


Know how to start, link and finish their writing clearly.


The skills to check their writing, and how to make changes that improve the overall quality and impact.

Word power

To creatively choose words which have the most impact.


To understand different kinds of words, and how to use them effectively.


Inventively change and adapt their choice of words to interest a reader.


Understand the affect the choice of words have, and how they can change a reader's emotions.

Imaginative sentences

Write sentences for different purposes.


Write sentences for different types of readers


To use different ways of making their sentences interesting to read.


Make sentences that are simple or more complex, with thought as to which kind to write.


To understand when to use long or short sentences to their best effect.


To ensure sentences are grammatically correct.


To use punctuation accurately and with imagination.

An audience...

To always think about who is reading their written work, why it is being read, and how to impress their reader to the greatest effect.


How to bring their readers into the world your child wishes to create.


Develop their own style, feel confident, and know that their writing will have an impact on their audience.

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