Learning and achieving together... ...in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas
Learning and achieving together......in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas

For learning outside the home, either one to one, or in small groups; study in our learning workshop...

The ability to learn and explore to it's full potential can occur in many different places and environments. Here at Integral Tutoring we cater for those circumstances. Whether your child works best at home in familiar surroundings, or prefers the independence of using a recognised space free of distraction, we can help.


Whilst the most effective learning can be a solitary experience, for some children we know that the interaction and social discussion with others can provide the spark to light the fire of deeper understanding. We also recognise that for some children, learning on their own with a tutor can feel a little tense and initially intimidating.  If you prefer to have your child work in small groups, we regularly host small group sessions of up to five children at our dedicated workshop.


Finally we believe that although our services are driven and led by our children, there is a place for learning across ages. We know that for some parents who teach their children at home, the opportunity to interact with other parents in similar circumstances can provide vision and further clarity to the learning which occurs within the home. Therefore our community workshops provide parents, if they wish to, a chance to learn with their own child, other children and their parents, providing a powerful and insightful experinece.

Our Learning Workshop...

We have designed an environment which maximises the learning experiences of students. Our location encourages a relaxed and purposeful experience.


Our workshop features several techniques designed to extend and challenge the learning experiences provided. The core skills of reading, writing and mathematics are stimulated with resources which are creative, practical and accessible.


For instance, our 'creative library' of images, objects and texts will help those who find harnessing their imagination a challenge. Alternatively our 'word clouds' provide instant grammatical impact by allowing children to organise their thoughts, by physically manipulating the words they might need to use.


The workshop also offers the opportunity to seamlessly integrate digital technology with access to shared electronic media, on tablet and/or on a larger screen.


The workshop is available not only for one to one tuition experiences, but can also cater for small group interactions and themed workshops. There is also space for parents to sit comfortably if they wish whilst their child undergoes tuition.


Whilst our workshop environment is second to none in it's suitability to provide first class tuition, we know that the facilities are only used to their fullest potential when included in a professional,  tutor lead learning experience; something that Integral Tutoring prides itself on.

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