Learning and achieving together... ...in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas
Learning and achieving together......in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas

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Remembering learning from my past

Aug 18, 2017
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Education for all - by all means. Tuition and Schools in partnership

Aug 9, 2017
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What lies behind; including you all in what makes Integral Tutoring 'tick'

Aug 9, 2017
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Why does a school and supplementary tuition service relationship work?

Providing a broad, rigorous and sustainable education for children in the current political climate is a challenge faced by all schools. Reduction in school budgets and a lack of clarity in long term government policy make the challenge of managing prospects of successful students an issue for school leadership to address. However the context of the sector cannot forget what lies at the heart of all of these factors...children.

As organisations change, internal school structures adapt, and partnerships and collaborations form, so do the opportunities to further support children. Often as a teacher, parents have asked about the opportunities for additional support outside of school.; and these enquiries aren’t always about ‘11+ coaching’. In response to these requests, the reply is often without knowledge of the wider environment, in a sector of large, impersonal tutor organisations, or independent, invisible tutors within the community.

Therefore there is a clear opportunity for professional tuition services to work with schools and parents to continually support and develop the knowledge and skills of the children we nurture. Read the following attached article to see how tuition can make a real difference in supporting schools...


Why a school and supplementary tuition relationship works
A document outlining the positive, practical activities of a supplementary tuition service
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11 plus Guide

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