Learning and achieving together... ...in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas
Learning and achieving together......in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas

One to One tuition

Designed for your child                                   Creating confidence and self esteem 


Learning programme controlled by you               Purposeful and focused tuition


Reporting of assessment, tuition, outcomes and next steps


In your home or at our learning workshop

Ensuring that your child makes the most of a one to one tuition experience needs many factors for it to be a success. At Integral-Tutoring, we consider that the outcome of learning is a journey; a final report on progress marks the destination of a planned, considered and bespoke series of activities which start with the needs of your child first.


Whilst academic rigour is essential for progress to occur; a fundamental and, occassionally forgotten vital ingredient is how a child feels about themselves and how they tackle their learning independently. Our expertise in recognising each child as an individual motivates our children to believe in what they can achieve, and have the confidence to tackle any barriers that they will face on their journey. Our tuition will always place your child's emotional welfare at the heart of our teaching, after all, a happy mind is a successful one...


The content of our tuition will be very much lead by you and your child. To maintain purpose and efficient use of time we provide sessions designed specifically for mathematics, reading or writing; we know that ideas can cross themes and topics, but must maintain a clear focus to be efficient and effective.


Our first session will review how you and your child feel about the area to be tutored, and an informal assessment of where academic progress can be made. There will then follow four to five one hour sessions which will address identified areas of need. This programme of work will finish with a report defining the initial needs of your child, the content of sessions, a summary of progress and suggestions of possible next steps. We feel this format gives you the best control of what happens next. If you feel that your child would benefit from further sessions upon that specific subject, you have that choice.


Likewise, during the tutored sessions, other areas of need often become apparent. These additional opportunities will be recommended in the final report for you to consider future tuition.


We are also flexible in where the tuition is delivered. If you know that your child performs best within the comfort and reassurance of your home, tuition can be delivered there. Alternatively if you feel that your child maintains focus better in a neutral environment dedicated to learning, then tuition can be provided at our learning workshop where you are welcome to stay if you wish.

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