Learning and achieving together... ...in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas
Learning and achieving together......in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas

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We provide tuition which meets the needs of our children. We know and understand that learning is not a 'one size fits all' experience. Every child is unique and learns in a way which sets them apart from their peers. Not only do children learn in different styles, they also learn at different speeds too. As a parent wishing for the greatest success and opportunities for their child, it can be a difficult and challenging journey to know how to help, as their child grows and gets older.

At Integral-Tutoring, we recognise that providing the best academic guidance for children into adulthood can at times seem an uncertain pathway. As the world we live in changes, so do the frameworks in which our children experience their learning. At the heart of our service is the recognition that, working together, knowing the best advice and support to give our children is essential for their future success. Whether your child is preparing for Primary school exams, adjusting to life in Secondary school, being taught at home,or simply requiring help to feel capable in their classroom, we can help.

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Our experiences and skills within different education environments, lead us to believe that there is a strong need to nurture children in their confidence and self belief to be successful with their learning, regardless of their level of ability, skill and knowledge. We believe we can supplement and extend your children's growth both within school, and the wider community as a whole.

We aim to help you, as parents, to nurture your child to be a valuable and valued member of society. It is our aim to reach out to you and help achieve those goals.

If your child is between the ages of seven and thirteen, we can help...

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From our words to a parent's words about our services...


Mr Foxwell began tutoring my son after we removed him from school. He had a complete lack of trust of teachers and and believed he was "rubbish at maths" and was incapable of learning anything.

Mr Foxwell's approach was to treat Will like an individual. He took the time to get to know him and often asked his opinion.
He assessed Will's abilities in a sensitive way and explained each step to him, and the reasons behind it, so Will wasn't disheartened.
As Will continued with the sessions he became more and more engaged and his confidence grew. He even began to look forward to a maths lesson! The basics were covered initially as there were gaps in his learning and then Will began to progress at his own pace. 
Mr Foxwell not only taught Maths to him but also taught him he could learn and was capable,  through a sensitive and tailored approach to his needs. He realised that the concepts he didn't understand at school could be learned if they were taught to him a different way and this realisation has carried accross into other areas of his life.
We can't thank him enough for helping Will. He gave him back the confidence and trust he lost by helping him to learn in his own way at his own pace.
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