Learning and achieving together... ...in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas
Learning and achieving together......in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas

Join one of our boardgame clubs... fun, learning, laughter!

What's on offer? How can we get involved?

Have you ever considered what modern boardgames are all about? Have an image close to Monopoly or Scrabble? Whilst these are examples of classic games, there is so much more...consider any theme, age or way of playing - it's catered for!


What we offer is a friendly gateway into an ever growing, popular hobby. We've played games for years and are still as keen today. We can provide experiences tailored for you. We have a library of over 200 games from which to choose. Don't worry if this seems overwhelming, take a look at our attached 'Games Menu'.  it's full of suitable games that represent an excellent starting place for new players wishing to get involved.


Why are we providing this service? Whilst we enjoy playing games ourselves, the experience of playing modern boardgames is both informative and educational, which fits our services and ethos. Playing different kinds of games, with different rules and endpoints, is a mental exercise in itself. Not only does playing stimulate the mind, it also encourages and nurtures social and communication skills. Games today have many different ways of playing and achieving a win; some rely on logic and competition, whilst others rely on social deduction, teamwork and collective victories.


 Convinced? Encouraged?


Join us through several packages which caters for your needs - either come to us at our games den, or alternatively let us bring the experience directly to you. The choice is yours...

Holiday Club

Welcome to our new, exciting and challenging  Holiday Boardgame Club’!


Wanting your child to do something active during the holidays that doesn’t involve a screen? Want your child to interact face-to-face rather than through a social media hub? Then come join one of our sessions where everything is provided in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment.


With over two hundred games to choose from, and a wealth of experience in both teaching and knowledge of playing, come and join us…


Sessions will be provided regularly throughout the holiday period at our cosy games den, so enquiries and booking is essential to provide a tailored experience for your children. Children of between the ages 7 to 16 are catered for, with group sizes no greater than 4.


Alternatively, if you want a personal family experience, we can provide games for whole families together, where adults and children can play as a group – again, please make contact for availability.


Games sessions will last for three hours and will include light refreshments on hand. Opportunities will be:


Daily, Monday to Friday, either 9.30 to 12.30, or 1.30 to 4.30

In addition, for family sessions to suit you, enquiries welcome to accommodate early evenings.


Prices are £12 per session, per child, or family sessions at £30 (based on two adults and two children) – as cheap as a cinema ticket with a whole lot more included!

Family and Friends Club

If you want an experience that involves family or friends, look no further. As you can see in the incuded videos on this page, boardgames are no longer the realm of children only. Got a group of friends who enjoy a challenge and like to compete? - we have suitable games for you. Like the collective feeling of achieving a win as a team? - we have those opportunities too!


Take a look at our attached 'Games Menu'. These are a selection of some of our recommended games which will get you started. If you are an experienced gaming group, take a look at our attached 'Games Library' which lists the full (and growing) compliment of games available.


If you are uncertain...just give us a call! We can find out what you enjoy and which themes interest you; from there we can suggest what to try.



Evenings - from 7.30pm onwards, light refreshments available.


Prices are £12 per session, per person, or group sessions at £30 (based on a party of four) – as cheap as a cinema ticket with a whole lot more included!


Note that larger groups can be catered for on request, with suitable games available.


We can provide evening and weekend sessions which cater for you.  Pick one of our games and let us provide the rest, enjoy a relaxed, entertaining and stimulating evening of fun and challenge!



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