Learning and achieving together... ...in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas
Learning and achieving together......in the Newark, Bingham and Southwell areas




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We are a learning based organisation with a defining objective of providing professional, tailored learning support to children between the ages of eight and thirteen (Junior school to early Secondary school (Key Stage Two to Key Stage Three), offering stimulating, structured learning.

Our skills can help your child in the key areas of reading, writing and mathematics. We also pride ourselves on providing theme based activities for other subjects, as defined by you...

Whilst schools provide an excellent opportunity for academic success, we believe that in the ever changing educational environment our children benefit from supplementary teaching approaches and techniques. As a parent it can be difficult to know where to go; in a marketplace of large and distant tuition agencies, Integral-tutoring offers a local, warm and accessible face to support your child's needs.  

As skilled and experienced teachers who grew up and were educated themselves in the local area, we understand the importance of learning as an essential part of the community. We can provide a tailored, professional and responsive learning experience for a single child, small groups or larger workshops, regardless of their circumstances.

We believe that all children are entitled to a rich, diverse and stimulating education. As learners ourselves, we recognise that active learning is an essential part of a fulfilling life, regardless of your age and background.

Our team uses a variety of teaching methods to make learning fun. We try hard to foster an environment in which children feel comfortable so that they can study most effectively. Take a look at what we can offer, and what people have said about us.

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